Annual report


At the end of 2020, the markets in which the group operate have recovered significantly since the sharp drop in volumes observed during April and May 2020. However, volumes remain below 2019 levels and sales patterns remain unstable. Looking further into 2021, it is hard to predict the ongoing potential impact on production from virus intensity in parts of the world. Due to overall global fleet reduction, low order book and a rebound in volumes anticipated to come close to pre-COVID19 levels during 2021, overall industry supply-demand balance is expected to improve mid-term. Stabilisation of the market conditions will provide the group with more flexibility with regards to payment of dividends and further growth investments.

Wallenius Wilhelmsen has taken a range of actions to adjust capacity, reduce costs and protect its cash position through this turbulent phase. Together with an efficient and adjustable cost base and starting from a strong financial situation, the company is well prepared to continue to manage its way through this unprecedented market situation.