Annual report

Information and communication

Communication principles and standards

Transparency, accountability, and timeliness guide the group’s communication activities. In its reporting, the Company follows applicable securities and accounting legislation, and the guidelines set out by the Oslo Stock Exchange. Further to this, the Norwegian Investor Relations Association, and its opinion of best practice related to financial reporting and Investor Relations information, is also followed.

Communication channels and activities

The quarterly, interim, and annual results are presented to the financial markets and business journalists. All presentations are transmitted directly by webcast. Results are also posted on the Company’s investor relations pages ( The market is regularly informed about the Company’s activities and results through stock exchange notices, annual and interim reports, press releases and updates on the Company’s website.

Extensive information about the activities of the group is provided on the group’s website. A separate section named ‘Investors relations’ includes relevant information to shareholders, including reports and presentations, financial calendars, share information, contact information, and news and media. The Company has a dedicated investor relations team, and the main point of contact is Astrid Martinsen.

The Company is present on social media but has strict rules on who can use social media for Company purposes and has clear guidelines stating that stock-sensitive information must be published through the Stock Exchange before it is made available on social media.

Silent period

For a period of four weeks before the planned release of quarterly financial reports – the silent period – the Company will not comment on matters related to its general financial results or expectations, and contact with external analysts, investors, and journalists will be minimised. This is to reduce the risk of information leaks and ensure the market has access to different information.

Deviations from the Code: Wallenius Wilhelmsen ASA is in deviation of section 13 of the Code, which recommends guidelines covering the Company’s contact with its shareholders outside of the General Meeting. Although the Board of Directors has not determined such guidelines, shareholders are invited to four quarterly presentations a year, as well as a capital markets day. A financial calendar is also updated and made public for the shareholders annually. Wallenius Wilhelmsen ASA’s website is also regularly updated with relevant information.