Annual report

Our strategic approach to sustainability

Wallenius Wilhelmsen is a company of 9 400 people, managing 126 vessels servicing 15 trade routes. We also operate 71 processing centres and 11 marine terminals. Our purpose is sustainable logistics for a world in motion — imagining new, more efficient solutions for the changing world of mobility and transport on land and sea.

As a leading company in a global industry, we are committed to taking purposeful action to promote environmental stewardship, social responsibility and responsible business conduct. We see sustainability as both the most responsible and profitable way to conduct our business. At Wallenius Wilhelmsen, sustainability is more than an important management tool, it is a fundamental driver for our business development and growth.

In taking this approach, we go beyond complying with relevant environmental, social and business ethics regulations. We aim to stay a step ahead of emerging requirements, keeping us ahead of future risks while creating long-term value for our employees, customers, investors and our entire value chain.

The six principles of our Lean:Green sustainability strategy guide how we bring our sustainability vision to life: By striving for what is both economic and sustainable, we will produce the best long-term results for people, profits and the planet.

  • Drive progress through initiatives that are both lean and green
  • Focus on high impact changes, for both people and the environment
  • Engage in regulatory processes and advocate for environmentally sound global outcomes
  • Invest in and support Lean:Green technologies, seek partners to find sustainable solutions
  • Embrace transparency; be visible and be credible
  • Harness sustainability track record and competence to create commercial value