Annual report

Priority 2: Being your trusted business partner

Being a trusted business partner is about delivering great results efficiently while conducting business in the right way. Responsible business conduct is the foundation of Wallenius Wilhelmsen’s operations and activities. Our ability to deliver as agreed is key to creating value and running a sustainable business. Wallenius Wilhelmsen is committed to fair competition, anti-corruption and anti-bribery through the entire value chain. The company’s Code of Conduct is applicable to all employees and suppliers and outlines the top management’s commitment to and expectations of sustainable, compliant and responsible business conduct.

As a corporate citizen operating around the globe, we are committed to be a responsible taxpayer and to ensuring compliance with national and local requirements. Corporate tax affairs are the global responsibility of the CFO.

Quality and safe stewardship of cargo and equipment is essential for our success, and we have a zero-tolerance policy for security infractions and theft from any facility within our network. The President of Wallenius Wilhelmsen Solutions has overall responsibility for quality and security at landbased facilities. The Marine Operations Management Team is responsible for quality and security of the company’s owned fleet. All company-owned or controlled vessels must follow the Wallenius Wilhelmsen Ship Security Policy, and all ship managers are required to be ISO 14001 certified.

To cultivate and maintain trust in our people and our services, we measure, manage and report on our performance in 10 areas: Compliance, Quality of service, ESG customer management, Tax practices, Security at land-based facilities, Security of vessels, ESG supplier management, Privacy and data security, Green innovation, and Biosecurity.

Review of progress in 2019

Significant progress was made in 2019 developing a bespoke Sustainability Management System to manage the company’s environmental, social and governance performance, which will be ISO 140001 certified. The system has already been implemented into the company’s Way of Working framework for landbased activities, and company-wide implementation will be complete in early 2020.

The company’s ESG Supplier approach was enhanced with a mandatory Responsible Vessel Recycling Policy and by supporting the work of the Ship Recycling Transparency Initiative. In 2020, the company will assess the need for a more robust approach for managing and monitoring supply chain partners.

As part of the company’s One Operation digital transformation, 17 vessels have been connected with data streaming capabilities. The complete streaming system and platform is still being developed. A target of 55 vessels from our owned fleet will be connected by July 2020. Vessel data liberation will significantly enhance fleet optimisation decisions and enable our continued transformation towards a data-driven organisation. Landbased operations continued to digitise processes, and security incidents were added to the global KPI register, replacing a manual process with a digital registration solution.

As part of a company-wide implementation of a new Sustainability Management System in 2020, management will be reviewing all prioritised material topics; setting and validating current KPIs, informed by science-based targets as relevant; reviewing progress against current goals and setting new goals and targets for the short and long term.

Relevant governance policies and documents

Wallenius Wilhelmsen Ocean Employees Handbook, Wallenius Wilhelmsen Solutions Employee Handbook, Wallenius Wilhelmsen Code of Conduct, Safety Policy, Responsible Vessel Recycling Policy.


2019 Annual Performance Data



Unit of Measurement 2019 Data
Average unplanned off-hire across the entire owned fleet Hours 20.70
Number of significant spills (> 20 litres), ocean services Number of incidents 1
Cases in which group companies were found in breach of international sanction laws and regulations Number of incidents 0
Tax incentives or special tax agreements with authorities Number of agreements 1
Incidents of theft, landbased services Number of incidents 1
Security breaches onboard company owned vessels Number of incidents 3
Substantiated breaches of privacy and data security Number of incidents 4
Orcelle Award finalists Number of people 12



Preventative maintenance enabled us to beat our 2019 target of 24.