Annual report

The business

Articles of Association

Wallenius Wilhelmsen’s business activities and the scope of the Board’s authority is restricted to the business specified in article 3 of the company’s Articles of Association which reads as follows:

“The objective of the company is to engage in shipping, maritime services, aviation, industry, commerce, finance business, brokerage, agencies and forwarding, to own or manage real estate, and to run business related thereto or associated therewith. This may take place in a direct manner, or in an indirect manner by way of guarantee, share subscription, or in other ways.”

The full articles of association are presented on the Company’s website.


Wallenius Wilhelmsen groups’ strategy is to create value for its shareholders by further developing its ocean and landbased businesses. Wallenius Wilhelmsen group will leverage its market positions, global network and collective competence to continue to grow a sustainable and profitable business.

A set of strategic objectives have been defined by the board of directors to support the overarching strategy:

  • Be the RoRo market leader, unrivalled in H&H and Breakbulk
  • Substantially grow landbased, transforming to full life cycle logistics
  • Enable our industry’s journey towards sustainability through collaborative initiatives
  • Be an industry cost leader to improve our competitiveness
  • Be agile through lean and flexible processes
  • Use digital technology to work more efficiently

Considering the risk profiles that our business is exposed to, the strategy is formulated to capitalize on our current market position, balance our risk profile and maximize value creation for our shareholders.

The Board of Directors evaluate Wallenius Wilhelmsen’s objectives, strategies and risk profiles on at least an annual basis.

Guidelines regarding social responsibility

The Company has a strong focus on social responsibility and keep a constant focus on developing new technologies and solutions to strengthen our social responsibilities in our value creation. The company has implemented guidelines for how it integrates corporate social responsibility into its activities. These guidelines are further described in the company’s Sustainability report. 

Deviations from the Code: None