Corporate governance

Equal treatment of shareholders and transactions with close associates

As of 31 December 2017, the company had 4017 shareholders, of which 290 were foreign and the remaining were Norwegian. This indicates an increase of 20% in the number of shareholders at the turn of the year. The Norwegian shareholders count for 210 960 519 of the company’s shareholder base or 49.86% of the total number of shares.

One share class
The company has one class of shares, comprising 423,104,938 shares with a par value of NOK 0.52 each.

Share capital
Where the board resolves to carry out an increase in share capital and waive the pre-emption rights of existing shareholders on the basis of a mandate granted to the board, the justification should be publicly disclosed in a stock exchange announcement issued in connection with the increase in share capital.

Transactions with close associates
Any transactions the company carries out in its own shares are carried out through the stock exchange and at prevailing stock exchange prices. Any transactions taking place between a principal shareholder or close associates and the company will be conducted on arm’s length terms. In the event of material transactions, the company will seek independent valuation. Relevant transactions will be publicly disclosed to seek transparency. Pursuant to the instructions issued by and for the board, directors are required to inform the board if they have interests and/or relations, directly or indirectly, with other companies within the Wilh.Wilhelmsen group or the Wallenius group.

Overview of insiders
A list of insiders can be found on the Oslo Stock Exchange under the company’s ticker ( ).

Deviations from the code: None